Spotlight – Sixth Form Poet


“I am seeing a Harley Street therapist to help me with my kleptomania, and I have already taken something valuable from every session.”



I have the utmost pleasure in introducing an amazing man, who has created a phenomenal twitter profile, he is secretive, mischievous, playful and a word Einstein. Engaging his followers with cryptic crossword clues, playing #tag games involving desperate singles, and continuously giving wonder puns that brighten everyday, he is pure genius oozing at every pore.

He has been featured by Reader’s Digest in the UK, and won the prestigious poke award for Funniest Citizen Tweeter in 2011. If you don’t follow him now, I hope I have encouraged you too, as I think this is a man, worthy of support, a wonder to watch and engage with, someone who will brighten your day for a long time to come.

I tried to pick my favourite tweets but you should scroll his feed for yourself!/sixthformpoet

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