Spotlight – Sam de Brito

Sam de Brito is a contemporary artist. His medium the written word. His latest two novels, fine literary portraiture. He captures the essence of a man, trapped by his own insecurities as he navigates through the journey of his life. Similar to the works of iconic Australian photographers, Olive Cotton and Max Dupain, de Brito uses his home town as stage, Australian reflections of light and shades of darkness to construct a complex and layered narrative relevant to readers all over the world. Born in Sydney, Australia in 1969, Sam de Brito is a commentator, observer, father and skilled story teller.

Follow him on twitter @SamdeBrito and check out his blog All men are Liars 

my observations of Hello Darkness

Published through Pan McMillian Australia


Hello Darkness available through Pan Macmillian Australia‘s website.
In paperback and digital formats. Kindle edition available at Amazon 

In Ned Jelli’s family, journalism and siren-chasing in the news pit of Sydney is in the genes. And everyone knows, you can’t escape your genes, or your family. At 39, Ned’s life has come full circle and he finds himself back in the news empire where he started his career at 19. And for a lost boy like Ned, where 20 years have been spent eddying around the same small course of Bondi, babes, and booze, this is the final sign he’s going nowhere fast. Held back by his own fear and loathing, and searching for the perfect woman to fill the black hole where his heart should be, Ned continues the fatal and often fatally funny trajectory he began in The Lost Boys. Set among the newsrooms of Sydney, Hello Darkness is a sharp, demonic expose of the world of journalism from an insider, exploring the cost of being less than you hoped you would, and wishing for what is beyond your reach.


The Lost Boys available in digital formats from Macmillian Digital 

Ned is 15. He and his friends while away their days smoking dope, trying to root chicks and surfing at Maroubra. Ned’s life is only just beginning – tomorrow, some time. Ned is 35. He and his mates drift through the days snorting cocaine, trying to root chicks, clinging to the pub and surfing at Bondi. For Ned, this is it – tomorrow never came. What happens when life passes you by? When the drugs no longer work and the promise of the future has become the wreckage of the past? What happens when a generation of men lose their way? Confrontingly honest, blackly funny, The Lost Boys is a compelling look at the dark side of being a 21st century man from a powerful new voice in fiction.

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