Spotlight – Bleu Djinn

My name is Enos the last Simian Astronaut of Project Mercury. The official story is that on November 29, 1961, after 2 of my 3 scheduled orbits were cut short due to malfunction, I returned to earth where, after a non-work related illness, I died 2 months later in a research lab. While my comrade HAM’s remains are at the New Mexico Museum of Space – there is no information available as to my final resting place.
In reality my Mercury-Atlas rocket did in fact malfunction. I was temperamental and aggressive, electro shock treatment not withstanding; yet I was highly intelligent and their best pilot. During my orbit the capsules various systems failures included
the controls giving me electric shocks instead of banana pellets, despite this I continued to make the correct adjustments, enduring the pain. The Capsule however was severely off course. Eventually I lost consciousness.
When I came too I awoke on EROS. Later I was aware this was EROS 433 a large Near Earth Asteroid [NEA] in the Amor group.
My crash had inadvertently released a Djiin from her brass interstellar tomb. Based in the Orpheus crater [all Eros craters are named after famous lovers]; this statuesque masterless Djinn of the powerful Marid clan, with her luminous blue skin was my saviour.
Her suit was Wands; she wielded six guns with six arms and her armour was onyx with gold trim and she wore an Egyptian crown.
The arcane race of Djinn [or Salamnders] are fire elementals, her eyes burned white and were heavily rimmed in khol; her arms splayed were like the wings of a Sepiroth giving her the moniker Six Gun Kali. Her heavy atomic wheel guns spun cartridge cylinders of gold their body casing was jet sporting mother of pearl inlaid handles. Her orbital ammunition belt was a double helix band of iridium scaled fish. Each fish was host to tiny swarms of nanosites, golden automaton bees, crystal winged with bejeweled glinting eyes. 6 arms; 6 guns; 36 Chambers of Love and Death.
Behold the Erotian Bleu Djiin.
For her release from hibernation I was allowed to commute from the Brass Pyramid Sanctuary to Earth as a God-Monkey. Today as her emissary I walk among you, as one of you, spreading the machinations of my Cosmic Muse. She gave you the sexual revolution, the war of the sexes, plague, fear, beauty and delight; and my work is still not done.
Bleu Djiin Eros

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