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Deep Throne by Sebastian Oliverio – an epic erotic poem

DEEP THRONE by Sebastian Oliveiro released 15.04.13


Deep Throne by Sebastian Oliveiro

DEEP THRONE spins an erotic Mermaid tale that goes straight for the heart via the jugular. Plunge into the illustrated fantasy poem, with moving images and salty sound bites, to discover an epic love story of Gods and Monsters that moves at a Kraken pace.

Author: Sebastian Oliveiro
Editor: Lisa Comerford
Cover Design: Sebastian Oliveiro
Animation Design: Sebastian Oliveiro
Video Producer: Justin Batchelor
Music: Robert Woolf

Available now @

Pyromance has arrived 12.12.12

PYROMANCE by Lisa Comerford released 12.12.12


Digital Edition
Enhanced ePub
Video bites in every chapter

Pyromance delivers mind-blowing imagery at every turn, lacing the unstoppable action with darkly comic observations of the motley crew of misfits that make up this fast-paced firecracker. Each chapter also features exquisitely-shot video bites which will give you even more Pyromance to sink your teeth into.

Available now at Tercio Books

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Meet Lisa Comerford ….click here

Introducing Lisa Comerford

As we get ever closer to the release of Pyromance by Lisa Comerford, I thought it absolutely necessary to introduce you to her. I asked her to write a guest piece, an affirmation, that I could climb to the top of the tallest buildings with and sing her praises. So it is with my greatest pleasure..

Drum Roll Please…

valley view 022

introducing to you

the wonderfully amazing


with her writers affirmation:

Writing is its own reward.

I love language. Its purpose, persuasiveness and possibility. I aspire to the art of a perfect sentence: to evoke an image, flavour, character or behaviour. To find the right word for the job. I revel in the challenge of exposing the sublime balance of character and plot, so as to engage my reader in that most curious of dynamics – the relationship between foreign imaginations.

Education was a misnomer until I discovered tertiary institutions, then I never left – seven years across four campuses and two continents. People actually discussed and debated popular culture. You could submit short films instead of theoretical essays for assessment. I was the stopover that stayed. But while education fills the brain it doesn’t fill the belly. At some stage income seems integral.

It’s the cliché casting call of submission and rejection. I have felt like the bridesmaid of the writing industry for a long time. Should I pitch: 27 Scripts? I do love a montage. Thus my desk balances on the proverbial “bottom drawer” where several manuscripts of the film, TV and novel oeuvre groan impatiently, rustling to be nurtured into something more than catharsis. I had a pinch of success after finishing my screenwriting course with funding from the AFC for a feature film, but it was dropped after development. Most of my submissions to TV series have been well received but my services have not been required (read between the lines girl).

I have slaved away at a plethora of mundane jobs from dish pig to debt collector and while they don’t feed the soul, they do fill that other beast with a voracious appetite – story. That is the true gift of being a storyteller, everything is research.

Stephen King is my favourite author. He is my mentor by osmosis. I panic that I will not be alive long enough to reread his entire library of work for the third time. So many books, so little time. I did the math – I have to read twenty books each year and live at least another thirty to get through my list. And that’s not including papa King’s published works or any potential new material. When I first started reading King (It was the hook), I used to preach his gospel, enamored as I was. I remember this one guy saying to me that he wasn’t into horror and I was genuinely surprised. He stumped me. I had never thought of King as a horror writer (that says more about me than him), for me he trolled the depths of the human psyche in extreme circumstances, forcing his characters to confront their base fears and keep moving forward. Fascinating. And yes, there may have been a rabid dog, an ominous hotel, a maniacal clown or a devil of a shopkeeper, but aren’t they all symbols for the challenges we face in our own lives?

Undoubtedly, I will continue to write: film because it’s epic, TV because of its omnipresence and books for their utter purity. Twenty years without success has not deterred me because even without an audience, I’m still entertained.

Pyromance is the novel I always wanted to read, snug in a club chair with a latte at hand. Feel free to insert “banana lounge and margarita” or “airplane and single serve nuts”. It’s transport for the mind. Thanks & Spanks!

and her up coming debut novel…..Pyromance

PrintMs Ann Thrope was born running from a Melbourne alley which would one day be known as AC/DC lane. As Thunderstruck, the hail of gunfire was not the only fury that rained down on her, that November of 1988. Whoever she was in that lane died the moment she skidded off the cobblestones, in her black patent boots and into heavy pedestrian traffic. Her discarded fire engine red wig her only corpse, on a day death was sated.

Ann, now an independent, educated, blacksmith, runs her own business; Irony. Her combination of scale and detail produce grand designs, which are often found secreted throughout Melbourne’s underground.

She is a lone wolf. No family or friends only clients and barfly’s. She is however, content, until her prized HJ ute collides into some random guy. As she calls emergency services the guy vanishes, his camera the only evidence of his existence. On developing the film she discovers the images are of her. Her past rears up. Why is she under surveillance and who is he working for? Inadvertently, she runs into him at a business meeting and discovers he’s merely a photography student. Herb Ritts meets Hercule Poirot. Enter Matt Chisholm.

Ann is not the only one keeping secrets, Matt has a blinder of his own. He is hunting the man who murdered his mother – his father. The betrayal of his “adoptive” family, forced his exodus from Adelaide in search of the cancer he needs to expel. The sickness grows, the closer he gets to Ann’s past. And as the two of them trade insults up to blows, they develop an addiction to each other. But as Matt makes Ann’s past present, they become the anti-romance, destroying each other and anyone caught in their crossfire.

Some secrets live, regardless of their parents, because the truth never dies. And for some lies, death is not enough.

More details coming soon ;)

Available now at Tercio Books

No more secrets, I’m a publisher! First romance release – Pyromance by Lisa Comerford is on it’s way

Available now at

Ok, I’ve said it and now I’m freaking out!

Romancing Alix is presenting

Lisa Comerford’s debut novel PYROMANCE.

I have the wonderful new trailer to share while I get my head around the morphing of Romancing Alix from personal blog to Romance Series presenter for Tercio Publishing.

WOW! I’m ridiculously excited.

I have lots to share with you in the next couple of days. I’m going to turn the site around,  hook it up with the Tercio Mothership, introduce you to the amazingly talented Lisa Comerford, and then release the enhanced digital editions of this super exciting work.

and at some stage I might manage some sleep.

Six Sentence Sunday 50

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. To find the complete list of very talented writers please click …here  or search the hash tag #sixsunday on twitter.

Something new…a  work in progress, Reflection.


Still, she sat there clutching her glass, feeling like it had suddenly been super glued to the table.
“Never.” he repeated.
Never would she feel his skin slide over her body, nor the giddy excitement of watching him undress. 

“Never, but forever.” she sighed under her breath.
Forever she would remember his eyes, and how intrigued she was that the coloured flecks seem to mask the truth behind his thoughts.


I hope you have enjoyed and will come back again. I value and appreciate your feedback, so if you have the time, please share your thoughts. Remember to play and stay safe.

Photographer – Giedrius Jankauskas

Erotic 2008 by Giedrius Jankauskas

I had the absolute pleasure this week of making the acquaintance of Giedrius Jankauskas, the creator of this beautiful image. Titled Erotic, and taken in 2008, it’s a sensationally emotive work.
From Australia to Lithuania, I send love and thanks for giving me permission to share.

Check out his site at:

Celebrating 50,000 visits

I love celebrating a milestone! and thanking everyone who has visited and supported my work. I couldn’t think of a better way than by sharing a wonderful talk from my web favourite @sixthformpoet. He is a wonderfully sexy and entertaining man who deserves your attention.

“In his first public appearance, he goes in search of ‘the perfect joke’. His journey leads him from clever to rude, silly to subversive (and pretty much everywhere between) eventually arriving at the…ehem, perfect formula. This one has been much anticipated!!” – The Lost Lectures – Oct 2, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 49

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. To find the complete list of very talented writers please click …here  or search the hash tag #sixsunday on twitter.

I’m reworking Positional Sacrifice, The first short story I shared here with Six Sunday. I’ve teamed up with videographer, BATCHEDIT, to create a mixed medium digital project of this story.

The process of writer working with image maker is intriguing and making me look at the story from a different perceptive. We’ve been talking about how Louie watched Anna in the shower, trying to savor her form and beauty, but when he gets in, the urgency of his need  takes over, and all he wants is to be inside her again.

I think it’s important the reader can feel she wants a sense of control, or to not feel completely controlled by his need.


She wanted his deep penetration, and in this position she was going to move and control the depths of his urgency. His firm hands grip her hips, his thumbs push into the soft flesh of her shapely bum, she closes her eyes.

The warm water runs down between their flesh as she slowly starts to move, back and forth.  He follows her rhythm instinctively. Gripping her harder as each thrust goes deeper. Filling her.


Thank you to everyone who supports my work each week, and a big warm welcome to new readers. I really like the unsaid in this image, and where it takes you thinking about his and her point of view. Enjoy!

Shower by Christina Faramo 2009

I hope you have enjoyed and will come back again. I value and appreciate your feedback, so if you have the time, please share your thoughts. Remember to play and stay safe.

Project with Videographer – Batchedit

I’m very excited to be teaming up with an amazing videographer, Justin Batchelor of BATCHEDIT on a project that will allow me to thank all the wonderful people who support my writing, share some amazing imagery and bring digital storytelling to you all.

For everyone who has followed and commented, supported and aided we are creating a digital project, that I can share with gratitude and great thanks. It’s an ePub laced with imagery and video, based on my first blogged short story, Positional Sacrifice. I’ll be telling you all about it along the way.

Firstly we need to find my Anna and Louie, so BATCHEDIT has put out a casting call.


Casting Call – Original post:

BATCHEDIT has teamed up with with erotic storyteller Alix Cameron to release stills and video side by side with some upcoming online publications. MELBOURNE PEOPLE ONLY FOR CASTING

This stuff isn’t for the faint of heart, nor prudes. This is going to be some serious photographic and visual art that will sit alongside some fairly “open” storytelling. Faces will not be visible as the feel and look of this is the passion play between people, not who they are. Suffice to say, that people reading will want to imagine themselves in the situation.

If you are between 25 and 30 (young adults), don’t mind getting some of your kit off and are willing to play against another person (male and female duo for a number of the shots), please get in contact. There will be financial remuneration (to be discussed) after an initial test shoot.

We are talking heavy breathing, close contact, wandering hands, stark lighting, unbuttoning, suits, loose shirts, silk stockings, fishnets, occasional lingerie etc. You know, another day in the office.


Classic looks, tall and handsome. Nice abs and all that.


Slim, long hair and classic looks. Side boob is as far as this will go.

Casting will be done by Alix with some input by myself. Head shots, photos and dimensions WILL be asked for.

Get in Contact with BATCHEDIT: