Six Sentence Sunday 49

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I’m reworking Positional Sacrifice, The first short story I shared here with Six Sunday. I’ve teamed up with videographer, BATCHEDIT, to create a mixed medium digital project of this story.

The process of writer working with image maker is intriguing and making me look at the story from a different perceptive. We’ve been talking about how Louie watched Anna in the shower, trying to savor her form and beauty, but when he gets in, the urgency of his need  takes over, and all he wants is to be inside her again.

I think it’s important the reader can feel she wants a sense of control, or to not feel completely controlled by his need.


She wanted his deep penetration, and in this position she was going to move and control the depths of his urgency. His firm hands grip her hips, his thumbs push into the soft flesh of her shapely bum, she closes her eyes.

The warm water runs down between their flesh as she slowly starts to move, back and forth.  He follows her rhythm instinctively. Gripping her harder as each thrust goes deeper. Filling her.


Thank you to everyone who supports my work each week, and a big warm welcome to new readers. I really like the unsaid in this image, and where it takes you thinking about his and her point of view. Enjoy!

Shower by Christina Faramo 2009

I hope you have enjoyed and will come back again. I value and appreciate your feedback, so if you have the time, please share your thoughts. Remember to play and stay safe.

26 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 49”

  1. sometmes who’s in control is important, sometimes not. I noticed that tense switch also I’ve been told “not allowed” but obviously it is

  2. Ah, love how you’ve refined this Alix. It’s sexy, as always, but the rhythm of the words kicks the heat up a notch and makes it a piece of beautiful writing. Very sensual.

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