Project with Videographer – Batchedit

I’m very excited to be teaming up with an amazing videographer, Justin Batchelor of BATCHEDIT on a project that will allow me to thank all the wonderful people who support my writing, share some amazing imagery and bring digital storytelling to you all.

For everyone who has followed and commented, supported and aided we are creating a digital project, that I can share with gratitude and great thanks. It’s an ePub laced with imagery and video, based on my first blogged short story, Positional Sacrifice. I’ll be telling you all about it along the way.

Firstly we need to find my Anna and Louie, so BATCHEDIT has put out a casting call.


Casting Call – Original post:

BATCHEDIT has teamed up with with erotic storyteller Alix Cameron to release stills and video side by side with some upcoming online publications. MELBOURNE PEOPLE ONLY FOR CASTING

This stuff isn’t for the faint of heart, nor prudes. This is going to be some serious photographic and visual art that will sit alongside some fairly “open” storytelling. Faces will not be visible as the feel and look of this is the passion play between people, not who they are. Suffice to say, that people reading will want to imagine themselves in the situation.

If you are between 25 and 30 (young adults), don’t mind getting some of your kit off and are willing to play against another person (male and female duo for a number of the shots), please get in contact. There will be financial remuneration (to be discussed) after an initial test shoot.

We are talking heavy breathing, close contact, wandering hands, stark lighting, unbuttoning, suits, loose shirts, silk stockings, fishnets, occasional lingerie etc. You know, another day in the office.


Classic looks, tall and handsome. Nice abs and all that.


Slim, long hair and classic looks. Side boob is as far as this will go.

Casting will be done by Alix with some input by myself. Head shots, photos and dimensions WILL be asked for.

Get in Contact with BATCHEDIT:


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