Six Sentence Sunday 46

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and more from Flushed With Lust. Our hero challenged by his ex lover, struggled between lust and the feeling he was losing control. We pick up the story in the crowded bar, after he turned up the heat.


I had to stop myself from kissing her. I was enjoying this sudden control and I knew I could lose myself again too easily, if I gave in.

Her knees buckled, forcing me to catch her around the waist. It was time to break, I needed to gather my thoughts. I directed her to the table, and headed to the bar.

She looked shocked, disorientated, even slightly confused. She really hadn’t expected that from me.


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I came across this beautiful image this week, and thought it deserved to be shared.

Anders Schidt – Maria – 2009

Thank you to everyone who supports my work each week, and a big warm welcome to new readers.

I hope you have enjoyed and will come back again. I value and appreciate your feedback, so if you have the time, please share your thoughts. Remember to play and stay safe.

37 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 46”

  1. He’s so torn with this force pulling him to be controlled and to control. I love the internal battle. Love the energy!!

  2. The struggle for control between the two of them is sexy. It’s fun to see that the person who normally is the weaker of the two can turn the tables around. And I agree with Cara on the surreal quality to it. It makes for a lovely read.

  3. The photo is gorgeous, very striking. Loved the six, enjoyed his feeling of triumph that he kept his control even though he definitely surprised her. Terrific snippet!

  4. What a beautiful snippet from his POV. I just love it, Alix. After reading so much erotica and romance not much heats me up these days but I find your writing to be so juicy and emotional. (Not sure juicy is the right word but you get what I mean…)

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