Thank you to the wonderful Lindsay for having me today xx

A Jessica Sales Novel

As a writer the stories of an image inspire and motivate me. I have a deep love for black and white photography and how it manipulates and stimulates my imagination.

Lindsay and I have shared our appreciation of the beauty, strength and magnificence we both see in this medium, and I have wanted to share these three images with Lindsay and find out what her thoughts are.

The three images are all portraits, completely different in composition, use of lighting, and the photographers had very different relationships with their subjects.

They were taken over different time periods, 1936, 1951 and 1969. The photographers being American, German and French.

They spark ideas in me, story lines, emotions, intimacy and all give me great joy. I want to share a little bit of the photographer, the model or subject, and my heart felt thoughts on each image.

I hope if you haveā€¦

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