Six Sentence Sunday 44

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. To find the complete list of very talented writers please click …here  or search the hash tag #sixsunday on twitter.

My six sentences today are in celebration of the blogs 1st Anniversary. These are the first six sentences of I Want it to be You, an erotica story that lead me in a new direction.


I heard you call out. You seemed angry, I urgently searched my mind but I couldn’t think of anything that could have set you off. I have been pleasing you a lot lately, well at least, I thought I had.

I hurriedly checked my outfit was all in place: the short black halter necked dress that scooped right down to the curve of my bum, seamed back fishnets on a beautiful black lace suspender belt, black patent leather four and half inch heels and my two inch wide, black leather collar fastened around my neck. I was wearing exactly what you had told me to. You always insist, you must be able to see my back, to know I’m not wearing a bra


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Thank you to everyone who supports my work each week, and a big warm welcome to new readers.

I hope you have enjoyed and will come back again. I value and appreciate your feedback, so if you have the time, please share your thoughts. Remember to play and stay safe.

23 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 44”

  1. Your writing, your snippets are so realistic and hot. I can’t say I have a favorite because all of them are my favorite.

  2. I like the tension you’ve built in my mind. There’s an unsettling mixture of dread and excitement in these six.

  3. Such intensity in so few lines! Love the outfit, btw! This drew me in from word-one, leaving me curious to know if he’ll be angry or pleased with her… Great six!!

  4. Happy blog birthday, and what a great six to celebrate it. There was intrigue in the opening six lines and there was intrigue in the introduction. You have me curious…

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