Six Sentence Sunday 42

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I wrapped my hands around the tendons in her wrists.
Pushed her hard up against the wall.
Parted her thighs with my knee.

Hot and wet.

Because she missed me?
Or because I did what I was told? 


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Photographer – Giedrius Jankauskas   2008


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26 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 42”

  1. Your writing is like poetry — you convey so much in very few words. I haven’t mentioned it before, but your site is very attractive. You have the most beautiful photographs and the black and white is so striking

  2. I love that his doubt continues to linger, even now. You’ve captured this man’s mind so wonderfully, Alix. Terrific six, as always. :D

  3. Question here is, does it really matter to him why she’s wet? Yes, he’s considering it, but if he asked and it was the latter, would that stop him? I think he’s too far gone. And holy hell, I can see why. You paint a scorching picture.

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