Six Sentence Sunday 40

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I finally named this work in progress, Flushed With Lust. Carrying on from last week are still with our hero, wondering if his ex-lover could smell his fear. She had leaned in, cupping his cheek and softly kissed him. The poor fellow had only asked if she wanted a drink.


Saturated by her sensual energy, time seemed to stop. Devouring her, my only thoughts.

Swelling my desire was the promise; her soft lips lingering, her hair lightly brushing against my cheek. The smell of our combining arousal, gorging me in need.

I need to take control.
I need to take control,


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Thank you to everyone who supports my work each week, and a big warm welcome to new readers.

I hope you have enjoyed and will come back again. I value and appreciate your feedback, so if you have the time, please share your thoughts. Remember to play and stay safe.

48 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 40”

  1. Hi Alix. This is looking really good… for both of them!
    I had just one thought on a possibe edit.

    The second sentence, I would get rid of the singular/plural clash. I would possibly go with:

    “Ways of devouring her consumed my thoughts.”
    “Devouring her was my only thought.”

    Either gives you a complete sentence and consistency of number.

    Good 6 though. :-)

  2. You have a beautiful writing style. So concise, yet full and rich at the same time. Great excerpt and title. The title seems really descriptive of what you’re written.

  3. Wow! Awesome six sentences! I am so excited to be a “newbie” to Six Sunday. I’ll be keeping up with you, Alix, and thanks for the warm welcome. And, oh, btw, his battle for control…so up in flames :) Bravo!

  4. Lots of foreplay here for the reader–really builds the tension to that absolute breaking point. Excellent six (yet again!). Very alluring, keeping it all in only one POV.

  5. Wonderful pacing and poetry in this six, Alix. His struggle comes through so strongly.

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