Lovers and Friends

It is not often I hear a song that strikes multiple cords with me, but this one is a must share. I was extremely privlegded to see Sean O’Donnell, perform this song live with Battlefield Band , the lyrics are from a traditional Scottish poem.

Lovers and Friends

Ah, battles and wars 
Leave deep wounds and scars
And deep wounds are long in the memory
Where reflecting upon
All that is gone
Your life passes on til it’s ending

But the pleasure and pain
In our memories remain
And by memories, our time will be measured
And the time that we spend
With lovers and friends
Is time we remember with pleasure

So fill up your glass 
To the future and past
In harmony, be determined:
There’s more friendship poured out
In a bottle of stout
Than you’ll find in statutes and sermons

Listen to Sean sing it here… Lovers and Friends

3 thoughts on “Lovers and Friends”

  1. This song has been such around second in Ireland for while and I d told that it was composed by Irish musician Sean Mone.

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