Six Sentence Sunday 37

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This week we pick back up from our hero wanting her so much he couldn’t move.

Read the last snippet here …..Six Sentence Sunday 36


I had thought over and over what it would be like to see her again. But now, with her hair sweeping over her shoulder and the sweet sound of her voice drugging my thoughts, I was blank. The masterful, seductive comments and sexy manuvers I had been meticulously practising escaped me.

Frozen. Fear, emotion and desire my chains.

How can I keep her?


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37 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 37”

  1. Your writing sucks me in like a high-pressured vortex. Why am I smiling that he drew a blank and his thoughts, frozen? Aw — the power of a woman.

  2. Interesting that he feels chained and now wants to ‘keep’ her. Hmm, me’thinks this could turn dark. Then again, love often totters that fine line, eh?

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