Six Sentence Sunday 34

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Last week, Anna got caught staring at the broodingly handsome Ned Jelli, while she was standing at the bar thinking about buying him a drink.


His look was penetrating, harsh, drilling into her a warning. No playful twinkle, or cheeky sly smile to invite her over.

This is most definitely not the right time.

‘Can you please replace that dear gentleman with what he was drinking,’ she asked the barman. ‘And offer him my best wishes with what ever is concerning him.’ She smiled at Ned as the barman served him, and turned slowly to return to Ginger at the table.


I recommend you meet Ned Jelli – Hello Darkness by Sam de Brito


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43 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 34”

  1. Seriously intense moment. I love how despite what must have been acute embarrassment, she still bought him a drink. That’s brave. Can’t wait for more. Definitely checking out Hello Darkness.

  2. Oh, is it my imagination or is she running from him…or at least trying to avoid him? Not good. But great six as usual.

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