Six Sentence Sunday 33

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Last week, my two erotic romance heroines, Anna and Ginger from No Soft Soap were having a drink together. Across the bar they spotted the broodingly handsome Ned Jelli, Sam de Brito‘s character from his latest novel Hello Darkness. Anna had jumped up and decided to buy him a drink.


She stood at the frosted silver beer taps at the bar; lager, pale ale, pilsner or stout?

First impressions are so important, instinct says beer, but which one?

Nervously she tried to smile, the months of admiring him searing up her spine and threatening to burn away her confidence. Looking over she checked, he was still alone and was almost finished with his drink. She noticed his chisled features, the fine line of stubble on his cheeks, and the shape of his lips, but she was on a mission to find out what was on his mind.

Oh NO! He caught me staring at him.


my observations of Hello Darkness by Sam de Brito


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51 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 33”

  1. Hmmm, I think getting caught is possibly a good thing here. :) DH says to go with the pale ale because it’s more of a craft beer and usually a bit more expensive. It shows good taste.

    Great six!

  2. I love how she says she’s more interested in what’s on his mind, yet she’s clearly hot for the dude (and who wouldn’t be, hello!). I love the specificity of the “frosted silver beer taps” Great six, Alix!

  3. Your details (frosted silver taps, shape of his lips, stubble on his chin), as usual, build such tangible scene. And I love how she is so absorbed by her observations that she does get caught–very realistic, very embarrassing and very sexy. Great six, Alix.

  4. Love the idea of her months of admiration undermining her confidence. That’s a great observation of human nature, Alix.

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