Six Sentence Sunday 32

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Something different, the prelude to a post in progress.

This week, my two erotic romance heroines, Anna, whom you know well from my Six Sentence Sunday snippets and Ginger from my not yet finished novel No Soft Soap are having a drink together. Across the bar they spot Ned Jelli, Sam de Brito‘s main character from his latest novel Hello Darkness. Which one will decide to go over and talk to him?


‘It looks like he’s just had a swim, said Anna, noticing his wet hair matted wild by the sea salt. ‘He’s handsome and broodingly sexy, just standing there, he’s inviting my gaze.’

‘He is the cat’s pyjamas,’ Ginger agreed. Leaning in closer she whispered, ‘Though, I think he looks distracted, rather than out on the prowl. I’d say something is playing on his mind.’

‘Only one way to find out,’ Anna jumped up from the table, grabbing her purse, ‘I’m going to buy him a drink.’


Pop back next Saturday to discover more about Ned Jelli, Hello Darkness and Sam de Brito. Hopefully Anna manages to discover what makes them tick over a drink.

Max after surfing by Olive Cotton 1937


Thank you to everyone who comes over each week and a warm welcome to new readers.

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57 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 32”

  1. Sounds like you took two of your characters out of their normal context… I do that all the time…helps me to get to know them better. Good scene – is the ginger character from an historiic piece?

  2. I love Anna’s take-charge attitude; reminds me of how I met my hubby.

    Is this a period piece? I wonder because the dialogue feels…stilted. From reading the Hello Darkness blurb, I wouldn’t think so. On the other hand, perhaps it’s because they’re speaking Australian English and I’m American? Just wondering, Alix.

    1. Ginger is in her twenties in the early 1930’s and a German living in New York, so I used some phrasing specific to her time period. I agree the dialogue does feel a bit iffy, it was the first time I have taken these characters out of their contexts, I need more practise!

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