Six Sentence Sunday 31

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This week after Anna and the two men have disappeared upstairs we are listening to the reaction of the administrator of the chess championship. Anna has found a sense of freedom in the arms of her lovers but her fate as the reigning champion is now threatened.

I think this might become a separate chapter or short work and I’ll call it Whisper


“Did you see her?!” Snarled the the administrator, tapping his pencil until the point snapped. “She’s poison. Bewitching Louie and that other gentleman, forcing them to participate in her sordid charades,” his face crumpling in disgust. ‘It is not the behaviour of a champion. Something must be done.”


Thank you to everyone who comes over each week and a warm welcome to new readers. I hope you have enjoyed my six today.

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55 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 31”

  1. Oh dear, yes indeed… she is terribly naughty! Probably the administrator is just jealous …not having lead in his own pencil ha ha ! Great idea of the offshoot Alix, love the title too! :)

  2. Oh, Alix, I love this outside look. Makes the story that much more interesting and full. Fantastic. It’s also a good look at how people question women who are sexually liberated versus had it been a man, people wouldn’t think twice. Great six.

  3. I disagree. I think it is the behavior of a champion. Jeez. If the champion were a male, the administrator would be applauding, making jokes about how supreme the champion is both on and off the board. Oops. I think your six pushed some of my buttons. Well done! ;-)

  4. LOL! sex upstairs at a chess tournament! I have been to many chess tournaments (as a chess widow, I don’t play), and so often I was the only female there, I have to imagine that there would be a mass exodus to listen outside of whatever room Anna had disappeared to, at the very least there would be chess players casually walking past the door in question with their ears peeled!

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