Six Sentence Sunday 29

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More from Drawing Chance, last week we left  Anna, blindfolded with the silk restraint, trying to decide if the two men were serious or joking with her. She had decided that challenging them was the only way she could find out. She had commanded them to lead the way and now we find her in Louie’s hotel room.


‘Shhh,’ was all she heard, as she felt the light brush of a finger over her lips as she went to speak. She was standing, in what felt like the middle of the room, the presence of one man directly in front of her and the other very close behind. The tingle from the brush of skin on her lip, escalating quickly into a sudden shiver as she anxiously awaited the where and when of another touch.

They are SO not joking.

Almost simultaneously she felt their hands, firm but tenderly, a pair on her shoulders effortlessly sliding off the straps of her dress. The other pair following the zipper down and the material started to fall.


Thank you to everyone who comes over each week and a warm welcome to new readers. I hope you have enjoyed my six today.

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55 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 29”

  1. I dont think they will all just undress and watch the TV porn in Louie’s hotel room….looks like theres going to be to much action going on ha ha …and i don’t think she is going to regret either somehow ha ha … Hot six Alix ..

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