Six Sentence Sunday 27

Hello and welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. Please follow the link to find the complete list of very talented authors or search #sixsunday on twitter.

More from Drawing Chance, last week we left  Anna, her thoughts frozen as she watched the two men intensely, talking about the silk restraint Louie had taken off his wrist.


She felt the two men close in around her, both stepping in so she could feel the material of their shirts on the skin of her arms. Images of their bare chests went flashing through her mind, as the dizziness of desire shivered up through her spine. Her senses where overloading, the smell of their colognes entwining and dancing around her, the sounds of their breath ringing in her ears.

Without warning, she was suddenly blinded by the soft cold smooth silk restraint, which had been tied around her head to create a blindfold. Totally unaware of who was on which side of her, she felt the burning of their breath at each ear. ‘We think it’s time we play with you,’ they whispered softly, erotically, at the same time.


Thank you to everyone who comes over each week and a warm welcome to new readers. I hope you have enjoyed my six today.

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Please take care and I hope you have a wonderful 2012, full of fun, laughter and love. Play and Stay Safe.

37 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 27”

  1. Interesting dynamic. What makes it is the sensory information, particularly the scents of two different colognes.

    I counted and you have five senses in six lines: yes, sensory overload.

  2. Happy New Year! I just want to catch up with y’all as soon as I can
    material of their shirts on the skin of her arms. Images of their bare…. oh so good :D

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