Six Sentence Sunday 25

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More from Drawing Chance, Anna’s thoughts swirling around the two men.


She felt flushed, dizzy, hot and aroused. Worried they knew she was fantasising about both of them. Her thoughts slowly undressing them, sensually feeling them, hungrily tasting them. She was drowning in desire.

Could she satisfy two men at the same time?
Would it be fair to try?


Thank you to everyone who comes over each week and a warm welcome to new readers. I hope you have enjoyed my six today.

David Bowie by Ellen von Unwerth.

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53 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 25”

  1. Hell yeah it would be fair to try. How hard is it to satisfy a man? All you have to do is show up. LOL!!! I loved the description in this piece about how she was feeling. Always a pleasure Alix.

  2. Lovin the Bowie Picture Alix….and… as she is not an Absolute beginner (ha ha) she could probably easily handle both of em. ….. Great line drowining in desire…brill : )) Dave

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