Six Sentence Sunday 24

Hello and welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. Please follow the link to find the complete list of very talented authors or search #sixsunday on twitter.

This week is a continuation from Drawing Chance, my latest short in progress. Last week Louie greeted the sexy handsome stranger, who had turned up at the chess championship award function to surprise Anna. He had cheekily suggested she was quite the player.


‘Gentleman,’ Anna began as she took a deep breath, gathering herself in the surprise of  their greeting. She stepped forward, breaking their handshake and feeling a rush up her thigh as Louie’s hand slid away. Turning quickly to face them, she put her arms out, catching their shoulders and started to walk.

‘It’s time to find the bar,’ she continued. ‘I need a drink.’
A small grin starting, as her thoughts swirled between the two men.


Thank you to everyone who comes over each week and a warm welcome to new readers. I hope you have enjoyed my six today.

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I truly value and appreciate your feedback, so please if you have the time, I would love you to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment.

Please Take Care and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Play and Stay Safe.

57 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 24”

  1. Hi Ax…interesting! Wonder which guy will be the real tonic here? Maybe she’ll get a BOGOF deal with these fella’s… one get one free..ha ha….intiquing 6…fab pic too. Nice

  2. Love how she breaks their handshake and the little movement of his hand across her thigh. (I do find it a bit hard to visualize her movement after she turns and catches their shoulders. How can they walk if they’re all facing each other?)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. You nail my frustrations each week. I have been struggling with this scene. Three bodies are so much harder to move around at the same time. I keep editing it down so I don’t over describe but it’s not working well :(

  3. About the movement…I think you’ll do okay with her putting her hands on their shoulders and suggesting the bar. Instead of turning to face them, you could have her look between them. Otherwise, unless one of them rejects and causes a scene, i think its reasonable to assume they would follow her lead and got to the bar.

    Nice six :)

  4. I love a woman who takes charge. And with two men, if she doesn’t, she’s in trouble. I think the movement witll be ok. I visualized her looking at them, then steering the three of them to the bar a la Dorothy going down the Yellow Brick Road. LOL

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