Six Sentence Sunday 23

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Last week we left Anna sandwiched intimately between Louie and the sexy handsome stranger at the chess championship awards night. This is from the third of my short stories about Anna, called Drawing Chance.


Before Anna could speak, Louie leant around her, extending his hand out to welcome the  stranger.

‘Hi, My names Louie,’ he explained as he slide his other hand further up her inner thigh. His fingers brushing against the the soft cotton of her underpants.  ‘Anna owned me at the championship this afternoon,’ he paused and with a cheeky smile he leant in closer to her  and continued, ‘she is quite the player.’

‘Indeed,’ the stranger replied, shaking Louie’s hand with a firm grip. ‘Looks like I turned up just in time.’


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45 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 23”

  1. I love how normal this introduction is when you’d think it would be awkward. They’re so comfortable in their own skin!

  2. Steaming hot six with some intriguing questions raised. I just can’t help thinking of how many chess tournaments during my “chess widow” years where women were scarce and the following flirtatious interaction would happen–a male player would look up, see a woman near the board. He would make eye contact then look back at the board only to look up two hours later to find she had inexplicably vanished.

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