Berenice Abbott – Changing New York 1935-1938 – photography

While researching New York in the mid 1930’s for No Soft Soap I have had the sheer pleasure of discovering the work of American Photographer Berenice Abbott, and the amazing project she undertook from 1935 -1938 – Changing New York.

Murray Hill Hotel; From Park Avenue and 40th Street. Nov. 19, 1935.  ID: 482742

Changing New York was a Federal Art Project that documented the city’s rapidly changing cityscapes. Skyscrapers growing out of an old world, an amazing collection of beautiful and thoughtful images. New York Public Library are the custodians of the collection, and have made the images available through their digital collection. Follow the link below to scroll through this fascinating and now historically important documentation.

 Berenice Abbott – New York Public Library

3 thoughts on “Berenice Abbott – Changing New York 1935-1938 – photography”

    1. This collection is just magical. Each images has a thousand things to say, and her composition is strikingly beautifully ..I’m in awe.

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