Six Sentence Sunday 20

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. I look forward to sharing six sentences of my current works in progress with you each week. Please follow the link to find the complete list of the very talented authors who participate or search #sixsunday on twitter.

We are picking up our story Coffeehouse Play after the sexy handsome stranger asked Anna what she wanted from him. Her soft firm response, ‘I want you to want me and need to taste me’, now dancing daringly through his thoughts.


Shaking and trying to find his focus he managed to hold Anna out in front of him. Her words, the soft confident tones of her voice, stripping his mind of all other thoughts. Her beautiful shapes, full lips, long dark hair feeding his eyes with urgent passionate need.

Moving his hands down to her waist, his fingers discovered her soft skin under the edge of her shirt. Lifting her up, without hesitating, he pressed her firmly against the wall. His tongue discovering her belly button immediately, he knew he needed to devour her.


A huge Thank-you to everyone who comes back each week and a huge warm welcome to new readers.

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Please Take Care and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Play and Stay Safe.

55 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 20”

  1. Sensual, as always, but I’m a bit confused. Is he kneeling or did he *really* lift her that far off the ground? (FYI, I’ve referred several writers to your site for examples of how to create emotional sex scenes the right way.)

    1. Monica I’m going to revise that so it makes more sense, Thank you so much for highlighting the image skips a beat there, I really appreciate it. And I’m so flattered you recommend me. *blushing* I hope it has been helpful.

  2. Great erotic splintering of senses. Interesting about the lifting up thing. I also got a little confused about how he got to face level with her belly button (first reaction, did he kneel down & I missed it?). I think we’re all schooled by the movies. In the director’s comments for Love Actually, the director explains a scene where a character’s pants disappear from one beat to the next. He said, “we’re allowed to skip nowadays.” It is possible to do with prose.

  3. Emotional and sensual. Though I’m a bit confused – is he kneeling to begin with, or is he standing and then kneels? I love the urgency of his need to devour her after just one small taste of her skin. :)

  4. Hi Alix….picked up on Monicas comment too…he must have been strong to lift her that high! No problems for you to sort though ….your lines are so descriptive…. stripping his mind of all other thoughts…brill Ax :)) Happy Halloween ..have a great night Dave .

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