Six Sentence Sunday 19

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We left our sexy handsome stranger from my short story Coffeehouse Play last week kissing Anna back hard. The softness of her lips, the smell of her desire, her hand pressing harder along his cock, erupting the barrier of his fantasy and exploding into his mind, the power of her sensuality.


Suddenly feeling overwhelmed and unsure of himself, he tenderly sucked her bottom lip as he pulled out of the heated kiss. Keeping her face close with his hand firmly entwined in her hair, he barely managed to whisper, ‘What do you want from me?’

Taking a slow long breath, looking deep into his eyes, she softly but firmly replied, ‘I want your mouth and tongue, on my nipples, sucking me greedily. I want you kissing my belly, working your way down slowly. I want your fingers inside me, your tongue teasing me. I want you to want me and need to taste me.’


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51 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 19”

  1. Strong and sexy woman. Love how you’ve flipped these characters — earlier we saw her hesitant and he seemed so sure, now we’re getting the opposite. Wonderful, as always, Alix.

  2. The odds are very much in favor of her getting what she wants. It is an interesting twist that she would hesitate for so many mornings and suddenly take charge big time. Hot stuff!

  3. Sweet and sexy, beautifully written. I feel like he does! Overwhelmed and unsure. How can he not fall in love with her after that? She must have swamped all his senses, rising them to an exquisite pitch.

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