The Great Escape 1963

My all time favourite movie, The Great Escape, is on the television tonight but I must work. I’ll be honest the temptation to watch is almost killing me…so a quick post to celebrate the glory of this wonderful movie will hopefully satisfy my current craving desire to relish it right now.

The original trailer to The Great Escape 1963

‘The story was adapted by James Clavell, W.R. Burnett, and Walter Newman from Paul Brickhill‘s book The Great Escape. Brickhill had been a prisoner at Stalag Luft III during World War II.’ –

and what can I say but I LOVE this scene, and have always wanted to own a triumph TR6

I salute all and everyone involved in the production of this masterpiece.
Absolutely sensational!

4 thoughts on “The Great Escape 1963”

  1. Truly one of the great films Ax…Steve Mcqueen brill in it…..just record it and watch later….or as life is to be lived…sometimes u must put your own wishes first…..Watch it…relax…enjoy the experience? Well researched links ..great post! :))

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