Celebrating 5000 blog views

On the 8th June 2011, I started this blog to see what a new project would be like. On the 8th of July 2011, I celebrated 1000 blog views and it truly blew my mind. Today, 24th September 2011, I have just passed 5000 views, over 800 comments, and I am honestly blown away, humbled by my experience and excited about what the future holds.

My whole life has changed in a monumental way. I am now a paid and published author of Erotica and I have two Erotic Romance novellas, one with the editor and another almost ready to send off. My novel unfortunately has been neglected as I wait for feed back but I’m dying to continue to write it., and then to finally celebrate the signing of the contract with you. I do find this industry’s  secrecy quite frustrating at times, but what can I do but go with the flow.

The are so many people in the community, and I feel I am now very lucky to be apart of it. A huge thank you to my dear friend and amazing author Aimee Said, who keeps me focused and grounded in reality. To the amazing support of Sara Brookes and her incredible team of Six Sunday authors whose encouragements keeps me working. And to the amazing writers who participate in the twitter #1k1hr group, who help provide motivation and take the isolation of sitting at my desk alone away.

I have been asked to consider working in an editing capacity for a start up Australian Publishing house and am trying to contain my excitement as we negotiate the workings of the relationship. I am managing to streamline my communications consultancy so I can devote more time to writing as I would have never guessed it would give me the amount of joy and satisfaction that it does.

I would not be celebrating without everyone’s support and interest and the wonderful community I have met through the blog and twitter and I can’t begin to Thank you sufficiently, so to celebrate..I have just cracked a bottle of bubbly .. I would like to share with you my favorite Helmut Newton photograph.

6 thoughts on “Celebrating 5000 blog views”

  1. Congrats Alix. Truly celebrate it. I hope to be where you are not too long from now and I’m gonna celebrate like crazy when I get there. You are an inspiration to me! Looking forward to more from you.

    1. Bonni, you are a true inspiration to me too. I will be celebrating with you. Thank you so much for all your support. You are beautiful shinning star.
      Thank you.
      Alix x

    1. David, I really can’t Thank you enough. Your positivity and support are truly amazing, inspiring and always heartfelt. May all your dreams come true too. Alix xx

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