Six Sentence Sunday 14

Welcome to the exciting Six Sentence Sunday. Please follow the link to find the complete list of very talented authors or search #sixsunday on twitter, to find the links.

Last week, from my short story Coffeehouse Play the sexy handsome stranger had gently guided Anna in closer when she had approached him at the counter, and softly whispered, ‘I’ve been hoping you’d come over and say hello.’


She couldn’t speak or move, lost in his warm velvet brown eyes. Frozen by their sudden closeness, the months of admiring and fantasizing about him, had pinned her to the floor. His fine chisled features, the fine line of stubble on his cheeks and chin, the line of his lips, were captivating and holding her, she was completely lost in the moment.

‘I’m so sorry, I don’t know what to say,’ she suddenly managed to mutter back, intensely aware he as still holding her close. His lips quivered and slowly formed a warm broad smile. ‘Please don’t apologise,’ he said softly,  ‘all I know is, I don’t want to let you go.’


A big appreciative  thank-you to everyone who comes back each week and a
warm welcome to new visitors.
I hope you have enjoyed.

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I’m looking forward to next week and presenting another six more of
Coffeehouse Play

Take Care and Play and Stay Safe.

44 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 14”

  1. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful comments. I’m so glad you are enjoying the story so far…it starts to hot up next week. ;)

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