Six Sentence Sunday 11

Welcome to more Six Sentence Sunday. Please follow the link to find the complete list of very talented authors or search #sixsunday on twitter, to find the links.

Today I am presenting a brand new short work in progress, with my heroine Anna, from Positional Sacrifice with the leading role. The working title, Coffeehouse Play. A short about Anna and her sexy mystery stranger.


The routine of her first coffee has always meant Anna’s day started the right way. As the  warm sun streaming onto the outside table soaked into her cheek, she slowly closed her eyes enjoying it’s morning kiss and wrapped her hands lovingly around the fresh coffee glass. She looked at her watch and then down the waking street, her mysterious handsome stranger would be walking up soon. Over the past couple of months, their casual glances had gotten longer, small shy smiles had been exchanged and she had noticed she was making more of an effort to look her best for their morning encounters.

Transfixed as soon as she saw him, she watched him walk up the street, his tall silhouette, broad shoulders and casual stride had become her erotic fantasies.  He slowed passing her table, her involuntary smile giving up her heightened anticipation, and to her surprise he stopped in the doorway of the coffeehouse, and turned to face her.


A big hearty thank-you to everyone who comes back each week and a warm welcome to new comers.
I hope you have enjoyed.

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I value and appreciate your feedback immensely, so please if you have time, I would love you to leave a comment.


I’m looking forward to next week and presenting another six more of Coffeehouse Play.

Take Care and Play and Stay Safe.

43 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 11”

  1. Thanks for checking out my six sentences this week. I love your blog. And the pictures you have under “Things that turn me on”? Damn!

    Looking forward to next week’s six sentences!

  2. Such a wonderful sense of anticipation in this. You had me at the table with her, admiring him, and feeling a bit shy. Nicely done.

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