Six Sentence Sunday 10

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday. Please follow the link to find the complete list of very talented authors or search #sixsunday on twitter, to find the links.

This is the last snippet I’m presenting of my short story Positional Sacrifice. So I thought it appropriate to give you the last six sentences. Last week we left Anna defining her desires with Louie. Today we have left them to some privacy and picked up at the Chess Championships.


The room fell silent, the thick tension growing in the audience a stark comparison to the electrified anticipation they were feeling at the table. They locked eyes as he reached over, picking up the white pawn and slowly rolling its head around between his fingers. He moved it two spaces forward, lingering on the piece before letting go and marking it his first move. As he moved his hand up, Anna unexpectedly caught her breath. Tucked in under his cuff was the smooth black silk of her restraint. For that split second she lost herself in a surge of swirling desire, it was a delightful realisation that this game had really only just begun.


A big thank-you to everyone who comes back each week and a warm welcome to new comers,
I hope you have enjoyed.

I value and appreciate your feedback immensely, so please if you have time, I would love you to leave a comment.


I’m looking forward to next week and presenting a new work in progress. I hope you have a wonderful week. Take Care and Play and Stay Safe.

52 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 10”

  1. Lovely way to tie up the story (pun optional) while leaving the way open for the characters. As a non-playing “chess widow” having gone to more chess tournaments than many actual players, I have to say that coupling sensuality and chess games as you have is a rare tour de force–great work!

  2. Nice parallelism: the first move in two different games, and letting her see that he’d kept the souvenir… very sexy. In fiction as in chess, the endgame is the most difficult of all, and this succeeds brilliantly in leaving something to the imagination (the signature move of the best erotica).

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