More than just Legs?

I’ve also got a great arse!

Boosting aside, I have lots to tell you.

I submitted Positional Sacrifice and the first four chapters of No Soft Soap to the US publishers, so my deadlines were met and appreciated by both sides of this equation.

I have also been asked to write a series of stories for a UK Publishing House that specialisies in Men’s Magazines, so my erotica writing now has a hard and fast direction.
A very interesting, unexpected, and exciting turn of events, indeed. There are likely to be many more ‘pant raising’ posts. So be prepared!

Because the audiences for and the communities around the two different genres are so different, I have started to separate the posts so you don’t have to read what you don’t want to. With any really over 18+ content I will use a password controlled post and create my very own sealed section. I am really looking forward to seeing how the next few weeks shape up.

So basically you should see four posts a week, swapping between Erotic Romance and Erotica and I’m thinking, knowing myself, I won’t be able to refrain from throwing in some politics, science and arts. Many fun times ahead I hope, and all in the sexiest way possible.

To new beginnings and a project that now has more than just legs!

Alix xx



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