Six Sentence Sunday 9

Welcome to another exciting week of Six Sentence Sunday. Please follow the link to find the complete list of very talented authors or search #sixsunday on twitter .

Last week we left our lovers, Anna and Louie starting to define a new sensual dance where Anna has finally taken the lead. Louie is playfully restrained to the bed with smooth black silk ties and Anna is delighted to have him underneath her.


With Louie’s muscular torso as her canvas, her thoughts went back over their electrified exchanges that morning. His arrogance was so irritating but yet her desire was captivated and with each abrasive and dogmatic comment she had found him sexier and more intriguing.

Bringing the candle over to hoover just above his chest, she slowly traced the air in a line between his nipples. His eyes transfixed on the flame, his body stiffening with heightened anticipation, she slowly started to pour the molten wax.

Snatching his stare with her eyes wide and penetrating, she quickly moved her hand in under the flowing hot wax. Bracing her pain, and keeping their eyes firmly locked, she drew a line down her middle finger, and onto his tightly erect nipple.


I would like to offer my big thanks to everyone who keeps coming back  and a hearty hello to new comers, I hope you have enjoyed.

I value and appreciate your feedback immensely, so please if you have time, leave a comment.

I look forward to presenting one more snippet from Positional Sacrifice next week, and then I’ll be introducing a  new work in progress.

A huge Thank you to Sara Brookes, for all her hard work and all the authors of Six Sunday for making Sundays so exciting, as both a participant and a reader.

Play and Stay Safe.

62 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 9”

  1. Pain is so very not my thing that I usually have a hard time reading depictions of it and finding it sexy – though I can still appreciate good writing – but you have such a sensual style that I can read this and also think, okay, yeah, that really is sexy. (I hope I’m making sense here, it’s midnight. I am definitely meaning this as a compliment!) Great snippet! I especially like his muscular torso as her canvas.

  2. Love the contrast of his dominant attitude from the morning’s conversations to, now, her dominance in bed. They sound like an interesting and dynamic couple.

  3. I’m not sure who was aniticpating his reaction to having the wax on his chest more–him or me! And when she took it away….Great twist! As always, your Sixes are very steamy and sensual! :)

  4. Not my kink but you wrote it well, and brought the dynamic alive: he verbally provokes her and she gets her own back in bed, with the suspicion that he did it for that very purpose.

  5. Great six..Ax..she will have to kiss the sore bits better later Ha ha ha…. Nice photo… is that where she thinks he keeps his wallet? he he Looking foward to your next project D :)

  6. So hot, I’m afraid my computer screen will have your words etched on its surface when I power down. I like the fact she is willing to suffer, too, and still be in control. Mercy! It’s hot enough outside. Now I’ve got to turn the A/C up another notch. :-)

  7. Excellent writing–arrogant man, bondage, hot wax and pain all would have me out the door at hello, but your characters know what they want and your prose brilliantly expresses how much they enjoy it.

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