SnapShot 51 – a poem by ridingwild

This week, I was extremely fortunate and came across Wild Ride, the wonderful blog of a very talented sensual erotic writer, he posts under the name ridingwild. He often responds to an image in a poetic form. I have posted one of my many favourites, to show you how exciting his writing is.


she loved this game
playing the semi-innocent
quietly inciting things with men of supposed stature
arranging for insidious filth to occur
in perfectly planned moments
while pretending to be the submissive being taken
she had a whirling fierce mind that could slay any corporate dragon
and she knew it was her fated right to own the throne she vied for
she also had carnal skills no man there had ever tasted
in their wildest dirty dreams
and she meant to use all of her stunning gifts
to rise to the heights that belonged to her in this world
in a setting where only the boys thought they should rule
it was their own fault for not playing fair
and she meant to show them the error of their idiotic ways

soon she would have them wrapped about her little finger
and writhing happily under her wet thumb
as easily as her fists clamped these panting desperate cocks
and bent them into spitting submission
after hours of torturous promise
they would indeed kneel and worship her in their own wanton greed
agreeing to do things for her pleasure
and for the brilliance of her oncoming coup
beyond their kinkiest and most devious imaginings
power would soon shift to the goddess
as it was always meant to
and they would become her minions in all things

it was good to be queen, the princess smiled
as she climbed the power play mountain
from the dirty backside
laughing through these orgasmic machinations
all the obscenely artful way

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