Six Sentence Sunday 7

Welcome to wonderful Six Sentence Sunday, please follow the link to this weeks list of dazzling authors, or follow #sixsunday on twitter. To everyone who has been here before, a thank you, I really appreciate your support in coming back and to new comers, I hope you enjoy yourself.

More from my short story, Positional Sacrifice, last week we discovered,  Anna’s fantasies were starting to come true, she had finally got Louie where she wanted him.


Edging closer to his torso, her knees resting almost touching his skin, she reached up to hold the smooth black silk tie on the bed frame. Her body staying inline and close to his, she looked down the bed, and slowing savouring, followed his shape. His long muscular legs, his deliciously defined chest, his strong masculine arms, all of him, stretched out before her. She rubbed the cold soft silk between her fingers and buzzing with anticipation, felt a surging rush as she started to gently pull her fingers over his wrist and down the length of his forearm.

He moved to her sensual touch, opening his eyes, meeting hers with a playful delight. She almost stopped breathing when his hands clasped around the silk restraints, and he smiled.


I really appreciate and value your feedback, so please if time allows, leave a comment. I had to share this wonderfully sexy and playful image, it has been dancing around with my thoughts all week.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to sharing more with you next Sunday. Play and stay safe.

64 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 7”

    1. I really love that pic, it is really quite tame in whats in the image but has so much suggested sexiness and his chest is a work of art!

  1. Hi – I had a real hard time loading the page today but I persevered lol! Lovely six. Your words create a very sensual, intense atmosphere!

  2. I definitely concur with other reviewers who noted the smile: yes, there’s a relationship between these two and we anticipate something beyond the usual Tab A into Slot B. It’s playful and affectionate as well as dead sexy. Oh yes, and it makes the lines of consent very clear.

  3. Your description is powerful enough to prompt my upstairs neighbors here in the apt. bldg. to put on some very sensual music… No idea what they’re doing up there (I don’t recognize the music and I thought about knocking on the door to ask what it is but nah..they’re proabably reading your sizzling six!

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