Celebrating 1000 blog views

I woke up this morning, excited and ready to write, and then I checked my blog stats. I was at 999 views! The rush of sheer excitement I experienced took me totally by surprise. As each day passes I feel more and more connected to my writing, other writers and the audience viewing my blog. It is a feeling I can’t quite yet adequately explain, but one that is giving me great joy.

I would really like to sincerely thank everyone who has come and had a looked, to those who’ve spared the time to give me feedback, to the wonderful Six Sentence Sunday authors, and to the  #1k1hr twitter crew, all of whom have helped create a really exciting and productive writing environment.

To celebrate hitting 1000 views I would like to share with you, one of my favourite images. I love the movement and the light, actually I love so many things about this image I could write a thesis. It’s a signature image of Olive Cotton, an Australian photographer, who worked predominantly in the 1930s and 1940s. Please enjoy, and have a truly wonderful day.

Olive Cotton, Tea Cup Ballet, 1935.

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