Six Sentence Sunday 3

I’m so excited to be welcoming you to Six Sentence Sunday. It has become the highlight of my week, so many wonderful stories to read and very talented authors to support. Please follow the link for this weeks list or follow #sixsunday on twitter.

I have finally found a working title for my WIP short story, Positional Sacrifice.
It is a chess term that describes the sacrificing of a piece with no immediate result, but leads to an advantage, and if you play smart, to checkmate.

Last week we left our lovers in the shower, drenched with the tension of sensual promises.


She braced herself against him, the palms of her hands finding the middle of his strong thighs. She moved to the rhythm of the steam, turning effortlessly around, to kneel down in front of him. Using her whole hands on each leg, she pressed into the muscles, moving up, her thumbs edging slowly around, finally resting at the base of his penis.

She looked up, soaking in his form, his was towering above her, dominating her every thought. She looked him directly in the eye as he gently stroked her hair down to the base of her neck, and quickly moved her fingers around to cup his balls. Holding his stare she started with her tongue at the base of his hard shaft, his blue eyes widening as she licked her way up.

Six Sentence 1   Six Sentence 2


I hope you enjoy this weeks reading and Six Sentence hopping.  I would really appreciate, if you have the time, could you please leave a response. Your feedback is very powerful, it makes me think and work harder.

I have a pushy little request of you today, please take some time this week and simply slow it down, consciously enjoy who you are, and celebrate your sensuality.

It can be as simple as taking a bath, taking a big deep breath and focusing on the warm water on your skin. You deserve to spoil yourself.

Or think about playing with your lover and a blindfold . The simplicity of the suspense and anticipation is magical.  You deserve magic.

I hope you have a fantastic week and I look forward to presenting six more sentences next Sunday.

61 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 3”

    1. I am in love with your line from Seven Deadly Virtues, No. 1
      ‘I wear my jealousy with pride, its emerald folds wrapped round my rubber ribs like a rotted root sunk deep in a storm of quicksand.’ – I copy and pasted and printed it out and stuck on the wall at my desk. It is positively fantastic.

  1. Oooh la la…. Gretchen knows what she wants and how to get / give it….little minx! Ha ha …
    The sex / sorry ‘six’ is a big tease…readers need 12 lines at least…..complaints to Sara everyone he he Have a great day Alix. :)

    1. Oh David, you have to wait for Gretchen, she is the heroine of my novel. These two lovers are from my short story, Positional Sacrifice. But I agree she is a little minx. I hope you have a wonderful day too.

    1. Thank you Hailey, sometimes I think I over describe, it is a fine line to tread sometimes. I wish there was a natural sub-editor in me, hopefully I can develop one.

  2. Hey- finally read your SSS x3, and in order. Stylish (the blog), lucid, articulate, evocative and sexy! A great platform there for your book…..looking forward to reading your short story. xx

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