Six Sentence Sunday 2

Hello and Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday, please follow the link for this weeks amazing list of authors or follow #sixsunday on twitter.

Here is another piece from my WIP short story. Last week we were left standing in the bathroom, with the steam dancing to it’s own seductive tune.


He was really enjoying just standing there, watching her, knowing she was waiting. She was trembling, trying very hard to keep focus on the warm water as it washed over her, battling to keep her composure. Seized in his gaze, she could hardly move, she could hardly breathe.

He cleared his throat; unexpectedly her whole body tightened with anticipation. Slowly he stepped in, right behind her,  gently tracing from the back of her ear down to the nape of her neck, with the tip of his finger. She arched her back, almost hypnotically, overwhelmed by the sensual promises of his touch.


I really hope you enjoy your six sentence Sunday journeys today and I would really appreciate any feed back you might have to share. Here is something fun you might like to try, it was a bit sweet for my liking but a dazzling colour!

Sex in the Shower Cocktail
recipe courtesy of Dirty Drinks

Fill Shaker with Ice
1 oz Blue Curacao
1 oz Triple sec
1 oz Butterscotch schnapps
2 oz Orange juice
Shake and Strain into Champagne Flute

35 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday 2”

  1. ‘sensual promises’ indeed! Great descriptions in your snippet and, if I squint my eyes, the fella in the photo looks like Mr. Fiennes (or the other Mr. Fiennes – I’m not fussy!). Thanks for the recipe – I would try it but I don’t really drink alcohol.

    Oh, and the woman in your snippet has the patience of a saint. I’d have grabbed him as soon as he stepped into the room!

  2. Loved this six! It’s so vivid and descriptive that it almost has a soundtrack playing along with it in my mind. Excellent mood setting.

  3. Great six Alix ….most men would love her waiting like that ! ha ha …. The drink sounds fab…. but now i am tea-total so i will just have to try and imagine it ….i could expand on that scenario but i would probably get into trouble he he. God Bless : )

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