Self Organisation by Peter Maurin published June 1, 1934

If only the politicians of today could voice their ideas through this kind of simplicity and expression.

Self Organisation by Peter Maurin   June 1, 1934

People go to Washington
asking the federal government
to solve their economic problems
while the federal government
was never intended
to solve men’s economic problems.
Thomas Jefferson says that
the less government there is,
the better it is.
If there is less government there is
the better it is,
then the best kind of government
is self government.
If the best kind of government
is self government,
then the best kind of organisation
is self organisation.
When the organisers try
to organize the unorganised,
then the organisers don’t organise themselves.
And when the organisers
don’t organise themselves,
nobody organises himself.
And when nobody organises himself,
nothing is organised.

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