feeling it out

quotes by Marc H. Ellis Peter Maurin: Prophet in the Twentieth Century

  1. The desire to usher in the new world was not unique, nor was the willingness to sacrifice in fulfillment of that desire.
  2. One should work not only to transform, but to love even those who oppose the transformation.
  3. Revolution is indebted to the Judeo-Christian tradition with it’s emphasis on the poor and the oppressed.
  4. The century of the dead – the century of revolutionary reform – Gil Elliot
    Idea of the nation of the dead
  5. All of this – the nation of the dead , the transformation of murders into judges, and bureaucratically administered mass death – raises questions that in their magnitude are difficult to comprehend.
  6. Here the mass change in ways and perception of life that has accompanied our century last century is summed up in the catch phrase used by political scientists and historians – modernization.
  7. Shift of peoples orientated in local and religious traditions split and then seeking to redefine the developement of individuality and the accumulation of material goods as the fruits of human existence.
  8. From that time on, systematic bureaucratically administered extermination of millions citizens or subject peoples became one of the capacities and temptation of government.
  9. Maurin in broad terms was including a willingness to address directly and openly the questions of the day, to refuse the political and economic alternatives presented as “realistic” , to attemp to recover the personal aspects of social and private life, to serve as a witness to or advocate for the poor in how he saw things.

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