Take a big deep breath and lets start again

Right, after fierce thought and reflection I believe I have a story in me, and the drive to see it through. The swashbuckling images that don the marketing pages of romance and erotic romance literature had clouded my perception. I am going to write about what genuinely interests me.

I love history, especially political and am often romancing the thoughts of great thinkers and philosophers. There is a pair, whom I have fallen in love with recently, Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day. They were the corner stone of the Catholic Worker Movement.

To place my story into their time, allow my characters to see them as mentors I can explore my ideas of love, faith, romance and sexual desire. They provide me the most amazing landscape to write within. New York, the beginning of the women’s movement, the rise of unionism and the influences of revolution all fascinate me.

I needed to think past writing a steamy sex scene, and reflect on what turns me on about life.

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