Quite a few weeks ago now, I had an feverishly erotic moment with Romance. Only too rare it seems, that for a moment, sexual energies are on just the same point, on just the same page that magic happens.

Energy, desire, and life breathed back into my world. I realised how important being sexual was to me, I thrive on it. My creativity, my passion to communicate all sent in a spin which culminated in a very steamy, heated, and urgent short story. Well it was mostly hot primal sex but we will call it a short story.  Will post it once I’m more confident . On a whim, I sent it off  and received a very favourable response.

Romance had helped me step outside my comfort zone and this project is the manifestation. 120,000 words from now, I will hopefully have my first published erotic novel. How classic is that!

Romance has now become my muse, my inspiration and my fantasy lover. There is so much I can and will write about Romance; it’s complicated, it turns me on, it makes my head spin and my skin tingle. He is not necessarily one person, one feeling or one idea. He is a pulsating play mate that centres around real sexual desire. It is pure, no holes barred, I just want to fuck you, and in every which-way my imagination will allow.

I toast to Romance.
May the force be with you my friend.

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