New Site Launching Soon


At Romancing Alix, we’re building a place for women to indulge themselves. To look, read and imagine what they like and what they want.

Our aim is to inspire great sex, for women and their partners. We want to provide everyone, no matter what orientation or age, a collection of content to stimulate and intrigue them.  

We want our Alix readers to be satisfied – sexually, intellectually, creatively. Whether with a once off bedfellow, a new boyfriend or a partner of twenty years, we want to engage your mind and your libido. 

Alix will explore what turns ladies on. It will assist our subscribers in being curious and brave in the bedroom, and out of it. A mission to turn you into  instigators and seducers, guides and hunters. 

The appropriate reaction to our articles is, “That’s hot”.

Alix wants to hear what women are talking about with their friends, with their daughters, with their work colleagues. We want to hear the questions you’ve been too afraid to ask (and we’re excited to find the answers).

Alix plans to make women feel sexy and powerful, and proud of it.

The staff at Romancing Alix are devoted to being challenged and we’ll bring our subscribers along for the ride. Through words and images and whatever other mediums we can concoct, we want to get your mind working. We want you to feel naked smart.

3 thoughts on “New Site Launching Soon”

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